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DTC Retail Consulting
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Who We Are

We provide proven management techniques tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We specialize in the fixed operations departments of new automobile, truck, and RV dealerships, training and assisting the management to analyze and build processes and track and maintain areas to increase profit and customer retention. We can also work directly with your trainers to make them as effective as possible. We understand that ultimately our success relies on your success.

We do not earn commissions on the products that we recommend or install. We do not receive kick-backs from the vendors that we recommend or buy from. You pay us by the visit for straight, clean advice and that is exactly what we deliver. We have spent countless hours investigating and designing every process we recommend.

We believe that honesty is the foundation for every successful business. At DTC Retail Consulting, you can trust us to find the solution that is right for you.

Message from the President

“I began in the automotive business, working for my dad around the age of 8. There was no such thing as daycare in those days, so most of my free time was spent with Dad, a Parts and Service Manager at the local Chevrolet store. Since no one got a free ride in my family, he put me to work in the shop.

As I got older I began to take on more meaningful responsibilities in both the Service and Parts Departments. That made me the third generation of my family to have worked in this dealership facility. It’s in my blood I guess.
Over the years I’ve held management positions of both small single point stores and large multi-dealer operations at the corporate level. I also spent a number of years with what was the largest automotive fixed operations consulting firm in the country, conducting training seminars and in-dealership consulting.

But I feel that my most valuable experience comes from my early days in the business. I’ve checked in the parts orders, driven the delivery truck, worked the lube rack, undercoated vehicles, worked the parts counter, built wholesale parts operations, written repair orders and dispatched all the work and the list goes on. All of these experiences, I believe, have made me a better fixed operations consultant. I know what the profits should be and understand what it takes to make it happen.

I am passionate about this business and the success of the dealers I work with. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Each DTC consultant was carefully selected to reflect these same values I hold to ensure we always provide value to our clients.”

-Don Tipton, President and Founder
DTC Retail Consulting