When you are in retail business of any type, can you ever hope to be in control of your day? Yes? No? Well, Maybe. Somewhat. Sounds like a political answer I know, but it is absolutely necessary to try to gain control of your Service day. I hope to share some advice and tools that will assist you in doing so.

In our Service Department, we have an inventory. It is the most precious inventory in the dealership. Much more so than parts, new cars or yes even used cars. It is called TIME, production time that is available to be sold with an appropriate rate attached and associated parts. It is obvious that this time is the most precious because it is also the most perishable. At the end of the day the unsold inventory (time) is lost forever, not to be carried over to the next day. So does it make sense to have some form of inventory management in place to maximize the efficiency of this inventory? Unfortunately, in many Service Operations the extent of inventory management consist of turning on the lights, raising the overhead doors and

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