We have utilized Don’s training here at Crestview for a period of over three or four years and have always found Don’s instructions to be useful, accurate and profitable. On the first day he gained the respect of our department managers quickly which enabled the training to move smoothly and effectively. He is “hands-on” with all personnel and all gain from his experience and recommendations. We would recommend Don’s services to anyone needing to increase Service and Parts department productivity.

-Steve Spearing, President
Crestview RV Superstore
San Antonio, TX

After posting a disappointing loss of $4,000 one year, we hired DTC to help us return our service departments to acceptable levels of profitability. Don came on board and we saw immediate results. By the end of the year the department saw a complete turn around and we posted net profits of $76,000 for the year. Through Don’s efforts, we increased the time sold per repair order by ¾ of an hour, reduced unapplied labor by 30% and gained greater control of our parts inventory.

Don’s credentials are impressive. He has worked on the front line in the automobile business and has authored a number of parts and service manuals for the manufacturers. His approach and manner of interaction with our people is plain, direct and effective. The bottom line: our return on investment with Don has also been impressive.”

-Gus Saltsman, Fixed Operations Director
Glockner Chevrolet and Cadillac
Portsmouth, OH

Don has been instrumental in our continued success throughout our entire fixed operations…Because many managers get so caught up in the daily business regime, they can’t see the answers to their own problems. Don has an uncanny ability of getting the manager to focus and, in many cases, solve their won problems. One of Don’s common phrases is, ‘I show managers what they already know.
We’ve worked with several other consultants over these six years through factory-sponsored programs. Don is the only consultant that always answers the phone when you call him or returns your call within the hour. Because of Don’s dedication to our needs and concerns, he is the only consultant that we have asked to come back again and again.

-Dan Yurko, Parts and Service Director
Wyoming Valley Motors
Larksville, PA

Most consultants rely on intimidation and immediate cost cutting to achieve profit. Don will research and find out what you truly need to be successful without heavy-handed arguments, just a simple presentation of pros and cons. Don’s edge is that he understands real life in the Service Department. This makes for a comfortable rather than an adversary relationship. I have had the privilege of working with him for over eleven years. I find we have made great strides together as a team. I would recommend him to my best friends and family.

-Gary L. Leeman, Service Director
Pine Belt Enterprises, Inc.
Lakewood, NJ

Our service department’s organization- it must have made sense 30 years, but not today. Don took the time to look at our shop, review how we did business, and then lead our service management team to look at data a different way. Implementing the new system was especially challenging, but one year later- the clutter is gone, sales are up, profitability is up, skills have increased, CSI is on the rise, and cars are getting in and out of here a lot smoother.

-Patrick Ah You, General Manager
Cutter Ford
Aiea, HI